Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mummy Cookies

I saw this idea floating around (probably on Pinterest...I don't really remember where, but it stuck and I had to do it!) and decided to make some mummy cookies for myself.
The less "perfectly" you frost the cookies, the cooler they look.  They are so easy and I was laughing while I was frosting them because they were just so cute!

gingerbread cookies (in gingerbread man shapes)
frosting (a little bit dyed red and the rest white), not runny - make sure it will hold

Put two red eyes on each gingerbread man.
Using a flat frosting tip (if you have one) or a plastic bag with the end cut off to make a bag, frost the mummy wrappings (make sure to go off the edge of the cookie in one continuous motion - you will lose some frosting, but it looks a lot cooler that way).
If the frosting is too runny, it will melt together.  If that is the case, put the cookies in the fridge until it sets.

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