Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Witches Hats

Need a fun, easy treat to make with your kids (or without!) this Halloween?  This was one of my favorite food crafts as a kid - I remember seeing them in a magazine and falling in love with how easily you could make something so cute (and edible)!  I know they aren't exactly 100% homemade, but sometimes easy and cute needs to be really easy.

1 package of striped shortbread cookies
1 package Hershey kisses (1 kiss per cookie), unwrapped

Turn the cookies upside down so the chocolate side is up and the striped shortbread is face down.
Using either a cake decorating tip with a pastry bag or a plastic baggie with a tiny snip out of one corner, put a circle of frosting on the bottom of the kiss (you don't want to just put a dollop in the middle because the cookies usually have a hole in the middle - the frosting won't stick to a hole very well).
Place the kiss on the center of the upside down cookie.
Using the thin decorating tip or plastic baggie, create ribbons and bows around the kiss.
Voila!  Cute witches hats for your little goblins!

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